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Monday, 7 January 2013

Destiny is a lighthouse that will lead
you home!
What can I say about myself but, "I wanted to do this but did not!"
if I do not do what is in my heart to do?
what will the world say about me once I've come and gone
only having spoken about the desire burning in me?
what can be said of such a man?
"He was a good son, a reliable friend," or maybe "He was a good husband and father?"
perhaps the opposite is true and all he left was disappointment in his wake.

Who knows for certain what will be said and what will be silenced of such a man?
But one thing you can be sure of not being said by the man or about the man who did not follow his hearts cry is this:
"I/He fulfilled the good destiny that was purposed for me/him!"
For he himself will know the deafness carried in his soul
and the world will see it in the dispirited sheet covering his eyes
Destiny will not and can not be hid, whether fulfilled or not.

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