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28 Winters

Friday, 7 September 2007

Life bears down mercilessly
my spirit's crushed like a rock in God's hand
my dust scattered in the wild wind

Torment's my shadow, I've stopped dreaming 
it's no better place to be, nothing works
air is all I seem to ever birth

Who'll show me a peppercorn of solicitude?
there's no one left on the battlefield but me

Who now is more inimical to myself
than myself? 28 winters in a row
seems like hell has frozen over
and the devil's come to camp in my yard

Barely do I remember lying
carefree in the sun, scarce do I remember
living. Was I ever a carefree child?
I'm struggling just to exist, sometimes 
I wonder what it'd be like to stop

The skinny cyprus outside my door
wears her blown mini far from her bare feet
arms stretched way above her head
her hands come together in prayer
as if though the higher they were
the quicker Almighty God would answer

For years now she's stood there just like that
waiting, unanswered, not moving an inch
but growing ever taller, digging
her toes deeper into the earth's womb
the seathing seasons raging against her
her stockings laddering, her flesh peeling off
and now satans lying in her skirts shade

But Cyprus dances through the four seasons
and all the more wildly through the worst storms
she's my paragon of hope and endurance
I'm going to lie in her arms, soon she will
be in heaven, I with her and satan
will be no more and the place he has stolen
will be covered in a thick mat of Sorrel

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