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Monday, 19 May 2008

God stretched the black and silver canvass
over my head, the cicadas woke
from their dreary sleep and moaned at the moon
a stream purled past me, a million pine needles
shivered, I warmed the palms of my hands
around the crackling fire

You came down from heaven, I saw you step
from the dark of night into the fire light

"Exquisite angel, behind which clouds have you been hiding?"

Smiling, you wrapped yourself around me
took hold of my soul. I melted then became
a man. Eyes clear as a cloudless sky, lips
like plums, cheeks maroon, your clothes, silky soft
falling over your beautiful body
I hunger for you

Good gifts come down from the Father of heavenly lights

You are falling snow, untouched except
for the still air, I the garden waiting
for you to melt in.

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