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My God

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

There's nothing impossible for You God
You make a way where there seems to be none
Your Spirit cuts through mountains like torrents
of water, like a burning knife through polystyrene
and all around the land bursts into song
springs into colour, every living thing
is satisfied with the riches of Your love
even those who hate You, refusing
to believe in You, eat at Your table
so great is Your mercy

i sing with joy to the Lord, my Lord God
He is exceedingly good to me
He is the mighty Lord, rocks cry out to Him
mighty mountains crumble at His rebuke
surging waters swirl around His beautiful
feet, He is exalted, even in the high
heavens. Stars, planets, demons and angels
all fall before Him.

Who can resist His power? There's not one,
no, not even one! Therefore i put
my trust in Him, my face will never ash,
with weakness, nor my cheeks blush with shame
for He holds me in His hands. i will go
about the earth like a lion, roaring
His name in the power of His Spirit

The munificence of the Lords' mercy
burns like the melting of the universe
i bow down at His feet.  


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