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Beautiful in its time!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Everything is made beautiful in its time. I love this line of words. The hope held in them has often lifted my spirits and sounded a clear prophetic call to my soul. And now again I find this line woven into the fabric of my everyday life, giving me hope for a better future.

Not that I'm kneeling at some rotten nadir in my life. Quite the contrary, life is filled with expectation. But regarding my temporary setback last week, with our failed shoot, I see how time sometimes holds us back only to catapult us into our destiny at the proper moment.

Its a truth in this situation too. I've been enlightened to that. I spent the last week mulling through all Andrew's delectable recipes, fixing the copy and making notes regarding things that seem unclear, and somehow, through this process, the candle of inspiration began to burn brighter in me. Now I can taste the salsa's, can feel the intensity of the chilis on the tip of my tongue and can see Van Gogh's colours splashed over the crisp white pages through teary eyes in ways that I had never imagined before. Its become palpably vivid!

The cover of the book, the forward, the recipes, the glossary; they're all there, in my mind's eye.
The project has gone from beautiful moth to magnificent butterfly. Armed with that canvass, I go shoot tomorrow, not needing to be inspired but left only with the pleasure to arrange time, place and space into the beautiful thing it is.

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