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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

"The heavens pour forth their speech and declare Your glory!" That was the thought I had running round the mill of my mind as Cindy and I walked around the National Botanical Garden of Singapore. It was another infernally hot day, but our efforts were well rewarded with a wealth of beauty. Like with these orchids!

And these.

As expected, the gardens were impecable! The trees were shaped and trimmed, the grass perfectly manicured and the facility well thought out. A waterfall, swan lake (resplendent with swans), rain forest and lily roofed entertainment stage are all part of the gardens attractions. I loved the trees, massive trunks that shoot stories up into the blue, held there by a spreading net of roots seen and unseen, with branches of leaves fanned by the heat.

Trees, there's just something about them which remind me of God's munificence: His creativity and intelligence, beauty, fruitfulness and permanence. The photos posted this entry Cindy and I took with our dinky digital camera and the images of trees are on the roll of film I need to develop (At R80 a pop we really need to get a better digital camera as soon as possible!). So until then, here's another photo of, you guessed it, an orchid.

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