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Moving on

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Regrettably, we leave Singapore tomorrow! After just three weeks and some odd days. Onto Johor Bahru in Malaysia, literally just across the road.

We've been staying on the East Coast of Singapore(West of Bedok on the map) in government apartments, first with friends on the second floor and now in a friends flat right on the top of that same building - 25 floors up into the sky. And other than the obvious benefit of stunning views of the ship smudged coastline, Indonesia as a backdrop and serene sunsets, its much cooler up here.

We're on top of the world here, so we're sad to leave! But Johor Bahru is a 20 minute taxi drive away; and we're anticipating having a great time there anyway. A friend of a friend has a condo(Privately owned apartment) there, which he has graciously offered the use of to us. The clincher is that there is a swimming pool in the complex. In this heat and with the ocean a little too swimming unfriendly, its almost a necessity. I can't tell you how many jelly fish I've seen ghosting through the waters; and because the water is quite brown, I shudder to think just how many and what else lurks beneath the surface!

Anyway, we will be at the condo 'til the 31st, leave as tadpoles, and then trek across the city to a golf course, where we will be staying for 5 days. And the reason; the Asian Leadership Training Time(LTT). We're looking forward to it and anticipating an incredible time in God's presence at His feet. And meeting people, who love God, from all over the world is always special. 

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