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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Intent on the Apple in front of me, I didn't see the thief until it was too late. His hand wrapping around my phone was the first thing I noticed. By the time I looked up it was almost too late. He ripped it out of its socket, turned and ran.

"Hey!" I shouted. He was already out the door. I stood up and gave chase. Out the door, off the pavement and down the side road. I was wearing slops so I was never going to catch him. By the time I kicked them off, he was far in front. Down the back alley, up a side street and into the park.  

"What if this was a ploy to get me away from my lap top?" I thought. With that I gave up the chase and ran back, collecting my slops from two ladies who had been washing things in the back street. They wanted to ask me all sorts of questions but I didn't have time for pleasantries. I got back to the shop and everyone there bombarded me with questions, the shop owner was very upset. I began packing my stuff away. I saw a young chap jumping off the pavement on the opposite side of the road. He had a big smile pasted on his face. "No," I thought. A minute later a couple of guys followed, a bunch of people following them. One of their phones was stolen.

We were warned to be careful of our stuff while in Johor Bahru. There have been many cases of peoples bags been snatched from them while walking by men riding by on motorbikes. So careful we were; but never did I expect someone to be so brazen as to walk into a shop full of customers, unplug my phone and run. Anyway, lesson learnt!

Other than that unfortunate incident, we have been having a great time in JB. The condo we are staying in is great, complete with air conditioning and a swimming pool. Other than an 80 year old ex-diver and his wife, no one else uses the pool - an Asian thing apparently. The divers name is Charles and his wife Carolyn and they are full of interesting stories they're happy to share with us in the pool. He has had us over to his house to show us his stamp collection, twice actually, with no end in sight. And then there are many more albums at his house in Singapore. They are such nice people, Buddists by culture, so its been nice listening to what they have to say about their faith, which according to him is not faith actually but just a case of doing good.

We are at a golf course at the moment, attending the Asian LTT. Its the second day of five and we are having an awesome time. We've met people from all over the world and Cindy has even bumped into an old school friend. Cindy is part of the worship team, playing the saxaphone and penny whistle. The teaching has been really interesting but what has really struck me is the lives of the people here. They really love Jesus and its clear that they live for Him and His people.

I still haven't found work yet; but we are really trusting that I will soon have something. I apply for at least one job a day but for all that I've only had one interview. I didn't get that job though, unfortunately, I would have really enjoyed working for a cuisine magazine. Speaking of cuisine, the moment my phone got stolen, I finished off all the copy writing and re-editing of "Sexy Salsa." So it was a bitter sweet moment, completing my first book and having my phone stolen.  Anyway, all that remains now is the layout and design, which Debby(my sister) is busy doing. I can't wait to have a finished product in my hand.

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