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Ode to the Apple of my eye

Monday, 29 June 2009

Of all the times to die, this wasn't it! I opened her lid and woke her. Light slowly fell across her face but before she was fully roused a shadow dropped.
"Let me sleep a little while longer, then wake me again," she whispered.
I caressed her face, my little snowflake, and she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

The morning dragged on, the sun standing ever taller till the weight of the universe bore down on its shoulders and forced it to stoop. I woke her many times; but each time she begged for a little more sleep. By this time I had become quite anxious. It was not like her to keep on drifting into sleep.

I asked a couple of knowledgeable friends to have a look at her. They all agreed, she would need a little bit of brain surgery.
"Don't worry, its a common procedure," they assured me.
They seemed to know what they were talking about, so I let them cut into her mind.
"And what if this doesn't work?" I asked. "Well, if its not her brain, then perhaps there's something wrong with her body! The worst case scenario is that there is something wrong with her womb!"
Everyone in the room shivered a little. My little snowflake lay spread out, helpless on the bed slash operating table. Her skin was so white under the operating light. I pulled loaves of hope from the sky, "That is not the case here," I told myself.
A bead of sweat dropped from Reuben's forehead. He had assumed command of the operating procedure. I wondered how he felt, having a life in his hands. Two actually, hers and mine! It couldn't be easy.

The moon struck its dark heel against the sun's head; but it wasn't until two days later that the operation had finally been completed and although Reuben(bless his brave soul!) had begun the op, it was the hand of another that had completed it. But my little snowflake refused to wake. After all these years she was finally dead.

Do you know how it feels to be hollow? She knew me better than myself, I put my heart into her and she diplayed it to the world, selling bits of it here and there so that there would be bread on the table. I had so much more planned for us, I was going to take her around the world. But she, she left me in the lurch, a stranger in a land we were adopting!

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